the ABCs of truth

We are to stand on truth.

We are to be people of the truth.

We need to speak truth.

What else can we do with truth?

A simple easy (and I would even say entertaining) exercise for yourself, to do with family, or a small group is to see how many words you can use before the word truth.

For example, live truth.

A further challenge is to have one word for every letter in the alphabet. You could even make a race to see who finishes first. Ready! Set! Go!

Here’s my ABC list of truth:

Abide (in) truth

Believe truth

Confess truth

Do truth

Experience truth

Fear truth

Grow (in) truth

Hear truth

Invite truth

Jesus is truth

Keep truth

Love truth

Memorize truth

Need truth

Obey truth

Practice truth

Question truth

Recite truth

Speak truth

Tell the truth

Unite (in) truth

Volunteer truth

Write truth

eXamine truth

Yell truth

Zealous (for) truth

For further fun, find a verse for each one.

Apply the truth of scripture to your life so you others can see you…

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“the naked truth is better than the best dressed lie”*

This quote is too good to pass up so I must pass it along.

There is a small quick read that I believe maybe out of print but worth a look if you can find it or scoop it up if ever see it at a second hand bookstore. It is called Beauty Tips for the Tongue and there are great lessons on truthfulness.

This quote goes so well with thinking about truthfulness, right? “The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.”

There are many other great reads and good study material about the tongue (two of my go-tos are: 30 days to Tamingwhat you say (and don’t say) will improve your relationships or how about this title: Keep it Shut what to say, when to say it, and when to say nothing at all).

There is even a book titled The Naked Truth.

But, the best resource and all we ever need to improve our speech is applying the scriptures.

Don’t know where to start? My go-to is James. So much wisdom packed in those 5 chapters! This is a good book to read over and over and over again. Here is a couple suggestions. Read it every Monday – Friday by reading chapter 1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, etc or in any order of your choosing.

When our children were small, we worked on memorizing whole chapters at a time over the school years. For example, if one of them was in the 3rd grade, we would work on memorizing chapter 3 that year with the desire that by the time they all moved out of the house, a whole book of the Bible was hidden well in their hearts with hopes they would apply its wisdom. It is so easy to use the tongue in nonconstructive ways.

Ever have one of those moments where you think: “I can’t believe I just said that!” A slip of the tongue can reap all kinds of havoc – havoc in all kinds of relationships from family to personal to business. Learn to bridle your tongue and always tell the truth. If an untruth slips out, immediately correct it. This is so much easier than if any amount of time passes.

I was so impressed once when someone had lied to us about a restaurant we recommended. They were initially embarrassed to tell us they got lost and ended up at McDonald’s. That phone call to share the truth has so impacted me even now almost 2 decades later.

How many of you out there is cyberspace would be so bold to call up and correct the wrong of a lie that where the other would might not ever even know happened?

It was for them to come clean and clear their conscience, but that brief phone call has reminded me all these years later of what we need to do when untruth comes out – simply CORRECT IT! And do it quickly!

Remember: “The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.”

by speaking truth.

The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in people who are trustworthy.” Proverbs 12.22

“…let us not just love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” I John 3.18

Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18.21

*Ann Landers

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keep your word

We have a family friend that is constantly changing plans. So much so that we put plans with them in pencil on the family calendar as more often then not they change or get canceled. We can easily erase them when written in pencil. When the kids were small, they learned pretty quick that their words could not be counted on. It bred disappointment in them but, was also a great lesson to learn what not to do. It has been said that a smart person learns from their mistakes and doesn’t repeat them. But, a wise person learns from others’ mistakes and doesn’t follow suit. That was our prayer: that our kids would grow up to learn from this bad example and become people of their word.

When you commit and say “yes”, follow through.

Canceling should be the exception not the rule.

The Bible even tells us to let our ‘yes’ be yes and ‘no’, no (Matthew 5.37). And if you didn’t know, this pleases the Lord so…

“Keep your word whatever the cost.” Psalm 15.4b (paraphrased)

I suggest you go and read the entirety of that Psalm in several versions and apply it to your daily life. Being a Godly citizen is key if you desire to share the truth and

so keep your word so others will not have an excuse not to believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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