Jesus’ parables should make us think

Luke Chapter 15 – Again, the Pharisees are upset with who Christ is hanging around with rather than rejoicing with those who are being healed and saved.


Jesus of course knowing what they are saying tells the story of the lost sheep (there’s more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner’s rescued life than 99 ‘good’ people in no need of rescue 7),

the lost coin (God’s angels throw a party every time one lost soul turns to God 10),

and the lost son (a huge feast given in his honor as he was thought to be dead but found alive 24).

Bam! Come on Pharisees and Sadducee. Trust God. Adhere to His commands. Learn from each story above and if ever the case may be, remind yourself how you are so much more valuable to our Heavenly Father then a lost sheep or lost coin. And if you ever become prodigal, humbly return.

heaven is waiting

Luke Chapter 14 – Jesus was controversial then and still is nowadays. The Pharisees were watching. They wouldn’t say a word about it any longer as Jesus just kept on healing on the sabbath. He even asked this: “If one of you has a child or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day, will you not immediately pull it out?” (5)

He told where to sit at a banquet to save embarrassment and to be given honor (7-11) and who to invite to parties (12-14) which led into the parable of the banquet (15-24).

Did those listening get what He was saying?

Did you see how God desires His house to be full (23) and that those invited that did not come will not eat at all (24).

Don’t miss the party that is coming in Heaven one day soon.

Verses 25-33 Jesus explains the cost of being a disciple. My thought is what can I do with time I have left this side of heaven. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so live today boldly, loudly, purposefully.

I like how the message version ends the chapter: “Are you listening to this? Real listening?”

I sure hope so and that you have Jesus in your heart so you can…