the why

Luke Chapter 24 – 23 ends with spices prepared, but since it was the sabbath; they were not put on Jesus. Now, they return as early as possible on the first day of the week only to discover the body is gone. Before they even discovered that, did they wonder why or how the stone was rolled away? Did they understand He had risen just as He said?

When they reported back to the disciples, they did not believe them.

Again, why?

Jesus had told them exactly what was going to happen. I love that Peter went running to see for Himself. He found the tomb just as the women said and left wondering himself what had happened.

The two on the road to Emmaus give us the why; they believed Jesus was going to have a kingdom on earth. They didn’t see the bigger picture of saving all humanity for all eternity. I love when they finally recognize Him, He disappears from their sight. Now, that should have cleared up any doubts of unbelief. So, they go back to Jerusalem to see the 11 disciples who were in an upper room and Jesus appears again with the simple message: “Peace be with you.”

And here lies the gospel message and purpose of His coming with these 4 words. Yet, they still did not fully believe. So after Jesus shows His scars, He asks for something to eat to prove He is not just a spirit or something they are imagining. The whole scene would have been shocking to any of us. But, Jesus continues to appear to many even to this day. It is a way people are coming to know Him in places there is not a witness. But, we are to be His witnesses and proclaim His death and resurrection until He returns. Don’t delay tell others of the saving knowledge of Christ and their need of forgiveness.


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