half truths

Luke Chapter 23 – the accusations made against Jesus were half truths. He never said not to pay taxes – He said: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God God’s.” He did not pervert the nation by saying He was a king, but because He said He was Christ Himself; they twisted His words. Don’t do that. It is so easy to twist and change words like the Pharisees of old, but when you do think of it this way: you are driving the nails into our Lord.

Pilate can’t find fault with Jesus, but finds out He is a Galilean so sends Him to Herod who is overjoyed as He wants to see Him do ‘magic.’

He is sent back to Pilate who really doesn’t want to crucify Him and I believe when he suggested to release Christ he never dreamed he would be asked to release a rebellious murderer instead.

I am always fascinated and wonder why Simon the Cyrene who happened to be coming in from the countryside was asked to carry the cross. The chapter closes with the all the events of Christ’s execution and ends with how the women prepared the burial spices

then rested on the sabbath.

So much to take in and a good reminder to rest.

Learn all you can about our Lord, rest to be rejuvenated so you can be better prepared to…


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