be the one

Luke Chapter 17 – back to the amplified today. Be ready for stumbling blocks (1) so pay attention and be on guard (3). The amplified qualifies this by saying to look out for one another. I never looked at the verse in that context before. You?

We are to be our brothers’ keepers. If they sin, warn them and if they repent, forgive (3). Easier said then done sometimes.

The section about the mustard seed in this version explains how the mulberry tree has strong roots.

It also says that if what is asked aligns with God’s will; it will be done. We often don’t understand that something not answered may just be because we don’t see the whole picture as the Lord does.

I love the fact that Jesus tells the ten lepers to go show themselves to the priests and as they went they were miraculously made clean (14). Sometimes in order for the healing to happen it takes action. It also should be followed with gratitude. Only one returned to thank the Lord. Only one! (18)

Be the one!

The rest of the chapter (22-37) the Lord again tells of the coming suffering, but also tells of His second coming. Did those listening understand at all? Do those reading today understand the gravity of not knowing Christ?

Reminds me of a song by Larry Norman – I wish we’d all been ready

Be ready and…


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