rules for the road

Luke Chapter 10 – This chapter opens up with ancient day canvassing as Jesus sends out 72 ahead two by two into towns He will be eventually making His way to (1). Some churches still do this today. We have done this in the inner city to let others know an event is happening and on mission trips. It also reminds me of billboards or other advertising announcing a band or event coming to town. Never really thought about these humble beginnings. Have you?

The next 16 verses are ‘rules for the road.’ Reminds me how God is a god of order and we should run things orderly. Some of it is also repetitive so that tells me to pay closer attention as I previously said in this post:

The disciples tell Jesus: “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”17

This is faith building but, Jesus tells them to rejoice instead that their names are written in heaven (20). I do pray yours is too.

The well known Good Samaritan story (25-37) reminds us to ask ourselves: Who is my neighbor (29)?

Of course, this was asked with ill intention wanting to justify himself (29). But, I think the joke was on that ‘expert’ of the law as he was not expecting to have to give mercy to everyone (37).

The chapter ends with the much talked about Martha and Mary story (38-42). Martha wanted help. She went to the Lord to ask for it. She was hoping He would tell Mary to come help. Instead, I believe He gently showed her the error of her ways.

Did she feel chastised?

Did she understand what the Lord was telling her?

Did she walk away from all that she was caught up in with the preparations and join Mary to take in the Lord’s teachings?

The account doesn’t tell us. What do you think?

I do know that sometimes we get so caught up serving the Lord that we forget to listen to the Lord, as in the case of Martha. Be a Mary.

And when you are, you will…


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