i made it

It is December 31. The end of one year and almost the beginning of the next. Happy New Year’s Eve.

For me, that means one year down with a post entry made for each day. I can hardly contain my excitement that I made it.

It was no easy task or small feat. I am proud, but at the same time slightly disappointed knowing I was born to write so wish I started sooner.

But, if we never start, a year from now we will still be in the same place. I am glad that is not the case with me this year.

And I have loved every minute of writing, preparing, posting, and blogging. Perhaps that book I have dreamed of writing will come to fruition one day soon. Maybe simply by compiling these entries.

I have always said I could be locked up in a cabin somewhere or never leave our home and just write all day. When your “job” doesn’t feel like work than you know you are doing what you were created to do.

I could sit, whine, moan, and kick myself for not starting sooner, but what good would that do now.

I could be disappointed that I don’t have more followers or have published more than I have but, again, what good would that do now.

So, for today, I am just going to be grateful I made it!

My theme word for the year (diligent) truly paid off as over 1,000 people from nearly 80 countries found an encouraging word within these daily blog entries I diligently posted.

You may have lost some time, you may have made some mistakes. You may wish you had started sooner on something or been more disciplined when you were younger. But, do you think that God would redeem you and not redeem your time? God says: “He will restore unto you the years.” (Joel 2.25)

Sun, stand still…God will freeze everything until you’ve finished what you’ve started. ~ Bishop TD Jakes

Tomorrow a new day is dawning.

Put into action what you regret you didn’t in the previous 12 months.

My hope and prayer is this blog as it perhaps grows in popularity will grow your heart in desiring to be a better Christ follower. I pray you have caught on to this simple concept: if we each make it our own responsibility to be the church then the universal, worldwide body of believers will be stronger and better for it.

Start something tomorrow and give yourself an end goal so you too a little down the road can say: I made it.

If you don’t know where to start or what to do, just daily…


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