no demands

Love is to give; not be concerned of just receiving.

Love is not to be rude or self seeking, but rather selfless and conceding.

True love yields its rights and places no demands.

I wish I could say I always lived that way.

Outside our bedroom door is a framed heart. Inside are the words from 1 Corinthians 13. Perhaps, you know it as the ‘love’ chapter.

Early on in our marriage, I would often stop before entering the room and read it. It is on the days I wasn’t feeling it; I needed to pause and slowly read its words before retiring into the bedroom for the evening. The marriage bed should be a place to retreat. There restoration, relaxation, recreation, and release should happen. It is not a place for fights to ensue, arguments continued, or cold shoulders given.

Perhaps, like me, you might just need to stop and repeat a few of the famous words from that chapter over and over and over again: “Love is patient; love is kind.

And this is not just for marriage but in all relationships we should be patient and kind.

Sometimes the holiday season can bring the worst of us out. Don’t let it. Use this time to not have demands but to concede in love in all you do. When you do, you will…

If you need a little more encouragement on how to love with no demands, check out these previous entries posted earlier this year:

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