pray for the waiter

Do you prayer for your waiter?

I guess the first question to answer before that is: Do you pray when out to eat. Well, you should.

And then before you do, tell your waiter or waitress that you are a Christian and will be praying for your meal.

Then, I dare you to go a step further and ask him or her if there is something you could specifically pray about for them.

I have had some amazing conversations and heart wrenching prayer requests as well as moved individuals as they stand before the table with tears in eyes sharing their stories.

What a way to…

I wish I could say I do this every time I am out and regardless with whom I am dining with, but sadly that’s not the case. Trying to make it happen more often then not. I hope you will too.

You should also tip well! Please look back at this post and see why and what all it entails:

And if you missed the post last week – check it out, another way to pray and be an example:

This time of year may be just the opportunity to touch a waiter’s or waitress’s heart. You may find yourself out with friends whom have yet to choose Christ as Saviour. Them not only seeing you pray over the meal, but taking a step further to include them or the wait staff may just be the link to their coming to a saving knowledge of Christ or a seed planted or watered.

You have nothing to loose.

The unsaved around you have all to gain.

Take the opportunity to pray for the waiter and then please share what fruit you bear.

And remember, when you pray you will…

Bear one another’s burdens…” Galatians 6.2

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