We all need incentives from time to time. So why not play some mind games to keep you on track.

Spend 30 minutes in the Word…

earn a tv show

Spend 30 minutes talking to the Lord…

earn social media scrolling

Spend 30 minutes visiting a shut-in…

earn 30 minutes of pleasure reading

You get the drift. What incentive would work for you? A coffee break? Getting coffee at a specialty shoppe? Going to a movie? Or on a date? Or meeting up with a friend?

Sometimes without incentives or reminders, we might just drift.

Check out this previous post entitled Drifting

It talks about how time is our greatest commodity. Don’t waste it drifting! Yesterday’s post was entitled just that too:

This post also has a great holiday video worth a look:

What ideas do you have to give yourself a little incentive or keep from drifting. Do tell in the comments below.

May we all…

everyday for the world around us so it truly can be a better place because of our efforts of giving out kindness, love, mercy, and grace.

And this time of year can get crazy with shopping, decorating, preparing. Don’t get so caught up you forget the reason for the season. Maybe your incentive to live happier should be to give more to those in need or at least the amount you spend on gifts, food, decorating, etc for the holidays match and give to your local church, a food bank, a Christmas gift for a sponsored child or missionary.

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