it’s all about the bird

So a turkey was strutting in the backyard this past spring and come to find out, strutting is the right description as that Tom was trying to attract females to mate with.

His head was also vivid white meaning he was flustered and excited. His 5,000 plus feathers were in full display. There he was puffing out his feathers, spreading his tail, and dragging his wings hoping to impress the ladies.

I had never seen this expression up so close. In fact, I am not sure I ever saw this type of fanfare outside of a zoo before either and then it was a peacock not a turkey.

Sure, art projects this time of year feature the male turkey with colorful feathers spread, but to see one up close and personal was quiet the sight.

I loved the fact that his head changes because of his mood.

I loved the fact that when our dog scared away the females, he went back to his dull unassuming self.

I loved the fact that God allowed me to catch a glimpse of this bird’s nature.

How creative is our God!

We have so much to be thankful for and as many sit down to a thanksgiving feast today eating turkey thinking it’s all about the bird; you can know it really is all about our creative God who dreamed up that bird for us to enjoy in nature or on the table. It is to Him we should give thanks.

If you are meeting up with relatives, neighbors, or friends today who don’t normally talk about things of the Lord, bring some turkey facts that you read above and gently introduce how awesome God is in His creativity.

Be bold and give a prayer of thanksgiving before you eat regardless if it is thanksgiving day or not. Even if out you eat, pray. Ask the server if there is anything you can pray for on their behalf. Always include thanking God for the hands that prepared the meal too.

Ask those who join for the meal to share things they are grateful for before grace is given. God will be honored as you extend your hands in gratitude and you will…

when the focus becomes thanks instead of just being all about the bird.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever” (Colossians 3.15)


Pray about everything.” (Philippians 4.7)

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