it is the little things

Can a water bottle bring joy? Read on to see if you agree with my resounding yes!

I always try to have a small 8 ounce recyclable water bottle when traveling.

One: Because I am absentminded and have lost too many in the past so I don’t want to travel with one I use for work.

Two: When filled, it won’t way me down

And Three: Mostly it is because that size is just so convenient. It can easily fit in a briefcase or travel bag. It can even go in a coat pocket. (And I know this is against the rules for most movie theaters bringing anything with you, but nice to have a drink for a long movie when soda is not desired.)

Recently, I was leaving for the airport right from a meeting and did not bring one with me. I was not expecting refreshments at the meeting, but low and behold there they were all lined up ready for the taking – small water bottles.

I just smiled as I helped myself to one knowing it really is the little things that can bring joy.

Our Heavenly Father is a good giver of gifts. He cares about the details and can often be seen in the details if we take the time to look or open ourselves to see His provision. It might not be in a water bottle for you, but look for ways that something small could be God reminding you He knows your preferences and desires to meet all them all.

Then, tell someone about it so they too can be inspired to look for His touch and presence in their own lives.

That is what I am hoping this blog post does for you.

That certainly is a practical way to…

We should urge others on in the faith even in the little things.

Be faithful in little things then you will be faithful in the bigger ones too. (Paraphrased Luke 16.10)

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