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It is easy to quickly rattle off 10 things we are grateful for, but how quick can you make that list 100? It took me the better half of a week when I tried. I was able to get 50 in less than a day, but the next 50 really took time for contemplation.

This is a great practice to take thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) and keep mind positive. Bonus: Keep your list and on a down or blue day, take it out and read it to help focus your mind back to gratitude which in turn will bring peace. I promise. And reading the list in your own handwriting is impactful.

Need some help getting started? I see at least 10 things to be grateful for in this beautiful capture:

Health, shelter, food, drink, clothing for a start. Then, some specific things that are considered treats in third world communities: milk, eggs, nuts, bread, utensils not to mention the basket, napkins, table covering, and storage tin. What else do you see?

What do you see right now in the corner of your world?

Some of the modern conveniences in my eyesight are fans, a closet, multiple mirrors, more books then I have time to read, presents yet to be given, a mattress that has a bed frame, more than one set of sheets and blankets for that bed, and I seriously could go on and on for sometime still.

Yes, we have so much to be grateful for. Please share your list as you create it.

Encourage others to do the same also especially if someone you know is depressed, lonely, even grieving. We might not always want to look for things to be thankful for, but go ahead name 10 things right now and see what a difference it can begin to make in your heart and mind.

If still need help getting started listen to this song of thanks:

Now do tell someone what you are thankful for – it is good for your soul, good for theirs, and definitely a way to…

Image Credit: Ihtar on the pixabay app

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