have you ever seen a cuter picture

How adorable is this guy? Have you seen a cuter picture?

When we visited Yellowstone National Park a few years back (Actually almost a decade ago now, wow how time flies!), I could have sat and watched the yellow belly marmots for hours.

Well, I literally did. I waited for the perfect picture opportunity and took it. It is now on canvas hanging up. So, I applaud this photographer for his patience and diligence in waiting to get this picture perfect shot.

We often have to wait on things to come out right.

Think of your spiritual walk, it is not instantaneous maturity. Walking and growing with the Lord takes time, but it also takes persistence and diligence on our part to continue growing.

Waiting on the Lord means you need to be still to learn to hear His voice (Psalms 46.10).

Growing in faith means you need to be diligent in reading and memorizing The Word (Psalms 119.11).

Staying connected to the body (Hebrews 10.25) and serving (Galatians 5.13) takes us all doing our part (I Corinthians 12.12-27).

Apply the above and strive to grow each day so you will live out loudly, boldly and in turn all will see you…


Photo credit: Dick van Duijn a Dutch photographer who took this picture in Austria. Check out his Facebook or instagram pages for more beautifully captured images. I do pray he doesn’t mind that I posted his image here. I saw it in an article like this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7430683/Always-time-smell-flowers-youre-squirrel.html

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