all the volumes in the world

To know Jesus and to make Him know. That is our one goal, our one mission, our one purpose, our one way we can be like minded as we let the whole world know of His love, His grace, and His sacrifice. As we talk about the many miracles He performed while here on earth, we are reminded that there are not enough books to write them all in.

Just contemplate this today: “There are many more things that Jesus did. If all of them were written down, I suppose that not even the world itself would have space for the books that would be written.” John 21.25

What a thought.

What a picture.

What a way to…

simply by sharing our journey to faith with others knowing all the volumes in the world could not contain all Jesus is and did.

Photo Credit: ninocare @ pixabay

Take a close look. Not only are the books stacked all around intriguing, the door does not have a handle. It reminds me of the fact that Christ is a gentlemen and He waits for us to open the door of our hearts to let Him in. I do hope and pray you have accepted Him as Lord and Savior. If not, ask Him into your heart today. He will forgive you and is the key to eternity. Don’t delay with your decision as we never know the day or hour we will meet The Creator face to face. Be ready to meet your Maker.

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