the marching turkeys

Although stores are overly decorated for Christmas which used to not be until after Thanksgiving or December 1, this day marks the beginning of the thankful month. Take time to write out the things you are grateful for, take a thanksgiving inventory, and tell others in your life what makes you thankful for them. Don’t be a turkey, give thanks.

And now a poem for you to ponder, savor, and apply:

The Marching Turkeys

There they go marching by. Not a care in the world knowing their next meal comes from God on high.

Peeking and prodding in a rafter they go. Marching and marching head to toe.

Sometimes in groups of 2 or 4 but I have seen 20, sometimes even more.

God is The Creator that gave life to these birds and they remind me how we need to be heard.

Are we marching on in the Lord’s army or are we on the sidelines content to just be?

We need to do more as our days are coming to an end. Make sure all you know take Jesus as friend.

So, you go on marching with the orders at hand until you hear: ‘It is finished’ and enter the heavenly land.

Then, for you, not a worry to bear and for us an example of how important it is to share.

So, go now share our faith and plea if need be because I for one don’t want any others not to be free.

I know that is your desire too so do all you can to help others have a breakthrough.

Don’t be a turkey and just go marching along – make sure all you know to the kingdom belong.


That is how to…

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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