go to the funeral

Yesterday I went to a funeral. I had been out of the office for several weeks and needed to be at a staff meeting, but I chose the funeral instead.

It might be inconvenient. It might be hard. You might be tired and had a long week or day. But, think of those who lost a loved one and go to the funeral.

Your presence says: I care, I am here for you, and I grieve alongside of you.

No long speech is neccessary. No advice needs to be said. Actually, the less said the better. A simple: “I am so sorry for your loss” will suffice.

Our Lord understood loss. The shortest verse in the Bible says: “Jesus wept.“ John 11.35

It may be short, but says so much.

He wept with His friends who were sad over the loss of their brother.

He wept because He loved them and He loved Lazarus whom passed away even though He knew He would raise him back up.

He wept knowing His coming feat of dying on the cross so that we could be saved was at hand soon.

He wept over the lives that wouldn’t accept Him.

Our Lord is filled with compassion, tenderheartedness, and love for us all. We should be the same for those struggling with loss.

There is a Swedish proverb that says: “Shared joy is a double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.”

Half someone’s sorrow by going to the funeral.

You will be a pillar of hope, love, and peace as you offer your presence.

Going to the funeral show others how you…


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