before you write the bad review

I grew up in a family owned and operated business.

Literally, that is where I went every day after school and every day in the summer. It was rare that we went out to eat, but when we did, seeing as we were a family of chefs, the orders were rarely right.

My mom, much to our charign and embarrassment, often sent things back to the kitchen if they were not received to her liking. Potatoes not cooked well done – back they went. Over easy eggs instead of poached – not accepted.

Both my parents cooked well, but dad was THE chef in the family. However, mom was the one that took wrong orders to a whole other level.

All that to say is we stopped at a little diner on a recent road trip. The food was not cooked as I asked with well done potatoes just like mom would have liked and I received over easy eggs instead of poached. I was tempted to return the plate and even right a bad review, but was it that bad?

Did I really want to hurt the potentially livelihood of this little dive?

No, of course not. So, I smiled graciously, ate the food, paid the bill, and in my mind gave them a pass instead of fail. After all, the bacon was cooked to perfection, the muffins grilled just right, and water was served without ice as I had asked.

Social media was not a thing that could make or break someone years ago. There was no computers in every household and the internet had not even been invented. Word of mouth was how news traveled. Writing an unnecessary bad review these days literally could shut an establishment down.

Is that how to..

I think not!

Do not let let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Ephesians 4.29

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