the ABCs of truth

We are to stand on truth.

We are to be people of the truth.

We need to speak truth.

What else can we do with truth?

A simple easy (and I would even say entertaining) exercise for yourself, to do with family, or a small group is to see how many words you can use before the word truth.

For example, live truth.

A further challenge is to have one word for every letter in the alphabet. You could even make a race to see who finishes first. Ready! Set! Go!

Here’s my ABC list of truth:

Abide (in) truth

Believe truth

Confess truth

Do truth

Experience truth

Fear truth

Grow (in) truth

Hear truth

Invite truth

Jesus is truth

Keep truth

Love truth

Memorize truth

Need truth

Obey truth

Practice truth

Question truth

Recite truth

Speak truth

Tell the truth

Unite (in) truth

Volunteer truth

Write truth

eXamine truth

Yell truth

Zealous (for) truth

For further fun, find a verse for each one.

Apply the truth of scripture to your life so you others can see you…

Photo credit: pasj1000 at pixabay

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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