sugar and spice and everything nice that is what little girls are made of

I am not sure I could have said that in the beginning trainings years of our daughter. It took her time to tame. It took me time to let go and try not to control her. It took us both time to truly understand that we were a gift to each other.

God gave me great ideas to reach her heart and train her in righteousness. Perhaps I will write about them one day but one of those ideas and something we still do is keep back and forth journals. I think the ladies in our lives need a little more encouragement and need to be reminded how they are:

L – oved

A – ccepted

C – omplete and

K – nown*

In other words, not L-A-C-K-ing anything especially with Christ Jesus as Lord.

Well, one day recently when I was frustrated with circumstances out of my control and bad behavior of an adult I work with acting childish.

I got this text from her…

“Hi – random appreciation text because I love you so much.

I am so grateful for you. I love your loving heart and the way you love other people. I love the way you seek to honor God in all you do. I love the way you love me and help me to stay on track and keep improving and bettering myself. I love your willingness to serve and your humility in doing so.

You really are THE BEST!!! So grateful for you ❤️❤️❤️”

Okay, I could totally pick that apart and say I am not always humble or always feel loving towards others but what a nice pick me up surprise when I was feeling a little deflated and defeated. If someone just came to mind that you could encourage, stop reading and send a random appreciation text.

God is a good giver of gifts. We just don’t always recognize them when they come or how they are packaged.

Today, I saw His love and care through a random text from a sweet girl who is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice (and I would even say the spice is not so sassy anymore but has seasoned her soul well.)

So, contemplate the gifts that come your way, they may just be a text received at just the right time. But, if you are not looking, you might miss it’s significance. I believe God shows up in the ordinary to remind us of His extraordinary care and love towards us.

Every good act of giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” James 1.17 BLB

Be the sugar and spice and everything nice to others in your life and they will see you…

Look back on this previous post if you need to be reminded further that you are a miracle:

*from Jennifer Rothschild study

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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