fire season

It is the first day of the new season in the northern hemisphere (aka fire season).

It is funny how it can be so warm one day come fall and bitterly cold the next.

That was the kind of fall we were having last year. Actually, it was even in some summer days.

I remember friends were waiting for a perfect rain day to finish filming a music video. But, when the rain came, it was not a nice summer shower but rather a cold and wet and dreary day.

Fast forward to October, we had warm, wet rain with high humidity and temps in the 70s and 80s followed by that cold, wet weather I was just mentioning a few days later.

Of course, it was a day we were going to be outside for hours. But it was the perfect day to start up the wood-stove with its first fire of the season when we returned soaked through and chilled to the bone.

The last several seasons I was much more prepared with wood all stacked on the porch and in the garage by this time.

Last year I had 2 racks stacked outside with at least 3 more to fill and the holder in the house overflowing. So I had enough ready and seasoned to get the season started.

So far this year I just have half a rack in the garage and a third on the porch with 2 cords in the driveway yet to stack and at least that much yet to split. I need to get to it before fire season peaks. But, as you may recall I am a bit of a procrastinator:

Changing seasons marks the end and beginning of something often anticipated.

In New England, the waiting for the leaves to peak is paramount.

What is it that you might be waiting in anticipation for? Are you ready for this next season that is at hand?

Maybe you are like the wood on the driveway, ready to be used but needs to be moved.

Sometimes in life, in order to get where we want to go, we need to get up from where we are and start working towards the plan that will get us from point A to point B.

Start putting plans into actions and one day soon a fire of forward direction will carve the path to a season clothed in beauty.

And each season does have its beauty.

Fall with its leaves, flowers in full spring bloom,

summer’s greenery and lush grassland coverings,

and even winter’s white wonderland.

You have established all the boundaries of the earth; You have made summer and winter.” Psalm 74.17

There is an appointed time fork everything.” Ecclesiastes 3.1a

Look forward to each and see what God has for you to do in each as you strive to…

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