out of sorts

We were away last weekend and did not go to a church service while traveling. I am always for it, but those I was traveling with not necessarily.

The Bible is clear that we should not forsake the assembling together as some are in the habit of doing (Hebrews 10.25) but, is it just referring to the local body we are in community with?

I think not! What about you?

When you are out of town, I think it is a good opportunity to experience a different perspective as you visit a different body of believers. It may solidify something God has been stirring in your heart or it may make you more appreciative of your local weekly connection.

For me, I am so looking forward to this week’s church service, but in the meantime, I plan to listen online to hear what I missed.

That is of course another option when away – listen to a podcast or sermon online. But, again don’t make it a habit to not meet with the local body for how can you…


if you don’t connect with others that together with you make up the church.

Something to think about for sure as you strive not to forsake the assembling together as some are in the habit of doing.

For me, it has me out of sorts this week. I am looking forward to getting back to service and am reminded how easy it can get to fall out of the habit of going. Don’t let this happen to you.

Go be faithful in church attendance so your flame doesn’t burn out.

The world needs to see your light burning bright.

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