trigger versus obstacle

I was told using the word trigger can be a trigger for some in recovery. A better word choice to use is obstacle. Hm, I am not so sure. Trigger indicates something that initiates a reaction and an obstacle hinders progress.

Triggers spark and provoke you. Obstacles are hurdles or stumbling blocks that can hamper you from moving forward.

Obstacles are only obstacles until you move them out of the way. Don’t let the word trigger be an obstacle.

September is drug addiction and mental health awareness month. Don’t do something that might be an obstacle or trigger for another. Do your best to support those in need of help and let the stigma end.

Carry each other’s burdens…” Galatians 6.2

Help others find their way to…

If you need help to overcome addiction, please seek it.

Ask God to give you strength to face each and every day sober.

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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