choose joy

Don’t allow yourself (or your children) to be stuck with a sad, depressed, angry, moody, or difficult personality.

Pray out of it.

Negative emotions are habit forming if we don’t put a stop to them.

Joy doesn’t have anything to do with happy circumstances; it has to do with looking into the face of God and knowing He’s all we’ll ever need.*

Negative emotions should not be a way of life. Say instead: “This is the day that The Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118.24

I was first introduced to this book in college and highly recommend it. Read You Gotta Keep Dancin’ by Tim Hansel to learn more about joy knowing even ‘in the midst of life’s hurts, you can choose joy.’ There is a line in the book that goes something like this: your cup of joy can only be as deep as your cup of sorrow.

Yes, joy is a choice. And today, children without fathers, spouses without their better halves, mothers who grieve over the loss of their heroic sons and daughters all must choose joy. I can’t imagine the inner struggle of choosing joy in the face of such loss this day brought 18 years ago. Too many were and still are affected by the 9/11 senseless loss of lives, but that day also brought countless stories of Divine intervention from over sleeping to missing a train to the brave ones on flight 93 that saved that plane for its intended target of the White House. Read the account in the book Let’s Roll.

My prayer is all come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the fact that true joy can abound even in the face of trials, adversity, persecution, or imminent death. Know there is hope and it is found in Christ. Look to Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12.2).

In the meantime, let this verse ring true for you: “My soul shall be joyful in The Lord; it shall rejoice in His salvation.” Psalm 35.9

Then, remember priorities by the acronym of joy:

J esus first then

O thers then

Y ou

for when you do, others will see you…


Keeping a healthy balance of all three and knowing where your priorities lie makes life simpler and joy easier to come by.

Happy choosing joy the rest of this day and everyday going forward.

Even in the midst of sorrow, you can choose joy especially knowing God is not finished with your story just quite yet.

*some of the above are excerpts from The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian

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