give your best

There’s a saying in sports ‘give your best and forget the rest’. I believe it was adapted from ‘give your best and let God do the rest‘. But, I feel we should always give our best not just out of excess.

I’ve been working with the underprivileged for decades and I’m always amazed at the donations that come in from good meaning people who unfortunately do not give their best. Half used bottles of shampoo, torn or stained clothes, and broken watches or necklaces should just be thrown away. Why not give some of your best?

Want to really help? Then, go buy brand new things for donations. Give whole unused bottles of shampoo or new accessories or clothes. It is ok to give gently used items but not things that should otherwise be discarded. I used to think least it is something and that is better than giving nothing. But, I have changed the tune in seeing the delight of those receiving new items and also the disappointment when receiving less than okay. If need be, wait till items are on clearance or use coupons. Even dollar store brands are better than half used or outdated products.

I believe God wants us always to do our best and give our best. So just go do it. Then, others truly will see you…

And by the way, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9.7) and those who are generous will prosper (Proverbs 11.25). So, don’t think about what you are loosing but rather what you will gain because of your unselfishness and giving. Make it a habit to shower others by blessing them with your generosity.

Yes, we should always give our best not just out of our excess and we should seek to shower others with the blessing of our generosity.

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