🎶 “Tradition, tradition. Tradition.”*

Have you seen the Fiddler on the roof? It is absolutely delightful. We saw it on broadway. What a privilege as it transported us to a day gone by. The blessing was the valuable lessons to take with us and apply for years to come.

It was such a fun birthday surprise too as we rounded the street and our son saw the sign for the show. He didn’t think it would be good because he had bad memories of seeing the movie when younger (which doesn’t quite do the show justice although I still love that too).

The tradition then was we ate pizza and watched movies Friday nights. When I was out of town, I left that movie for them to watch. They probably would have liked more of a shoot ‘em up guy movie better. However, we were always protective of what they watched when they were young so that was not going to be an option then.

  • Back to tradition, it is good to have them.
  • Some other traditions we had in our house were:
    • going to church on the weekend regardless if you went to some other Christian event or youth group
      we played games weekly
      we set up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving
      and we always ate Chinese food on Thanksgiving while we lived abroad as it was a regular work day

    Another tradition was when the kids were small, they were allowed treats only on Sundays to help them learn the sabbath was a day to look forward to and a way to make it a little sweeter.

    (That idea came from the book Hints on Child training by H.Clay Trumbull which I highly recommended. It was a staple yearly read while we were in the middle of rearing)

    Check out this post for more thoughts on the sabbath:

    If you don’t have any traditions, add some to your life especially if little ones are in tow. They love to look forward to what they know will be happening. I had a tradition when my nieces and nephews were young I simply called ‘surprise trips’ which was just one of them and me going somewhere. We carried that idea into parenthood and called it ‘special time’ which was one kid with one parent. It was not even something so special or expensive. It might have been just a trip to Home Depot or the bank or one kid’s turn to go to the grocery store. The point was just as much as mom and dad needed date nights, our kids needed one on one times so we established a tradition to make that happen.

    What traditions do you have or plan to start now? Please tell us in the comments so we can be inspired.

    Traditions can point us in the right direction and help us show our love for God and others. In doing so, we will…

    “…stand firm and hold to the traditions…” 2 Thessalonians 2.15

    Make time for the things that matter most.

    *lyric line from the theme song of the musical 🎵 Fiddler on the roof.

    See Friday’s post for more:

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