be grateful where you are at

It is summer in my neck of the woods. Swimming, beach days, ease in the sun are all apart of this season.

If you don’t live near a beach, listen to some seagulls or waves online.

Take in the relaxation of the calm of the sea.

I have lived in several countries and visited lots more. What a privilege it is to live through and experience the seasons in different climates and settings of the world.

What is it about your neck of the woods you love? Please do tell.

But, regardless of where you live, be grateful where you are at!

An attitude of gratitude is contagious and just might prompt someone to join you to…


Daily let your light shine in the summer sun or the darkest storm. People are watching. Let them see you be a living, breathing testimony for our Lord.

Check out this previous post on summer rain:

That is the weather we were having last night but more like a torrential storm uprooting trees and leaving all kinds of debris on the highways and byways. I was grateful that I was kept safe as well as my family and church which is where I happened to be to ride out the worst of it.

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