ocean-view and book review

I am a noticer and what I often notice at a beach is inconsiderate beach go-ers.

Don’t be that guy!

You know the one who smokes downwind from you or the one who is so loud you couldn’t nap even if you tried. Or how about the one that shakes their towel out so sand goes all over yours and you! Again, don’t be that guy.

But, today I am not thinking of all of that. Although, it is important not to be those things. Today I am recalling a line from my favorite author Andy Andrews’ book called The Noticer.

It is all about perspective.

A homeless man asked another homeless guy what he saw as they shared a can of sardines and a coke. One saw just that, the other saw something different. He was eating ‘surf and turf’ with an ‘ocean-view‘. It truly is all in perspective.

Look for more than meets the eye.

Choose a happy countenance.

Choose joy instead of sorrow.

Choose to see the ocean-view any chance you get.

Some say don’t live wearing rose colored glasses. I say by seeing the world a little rosy, you will make life more enjoyable for those around you.

Do it!

Seek the ocean-view.



Speaking of ocean-view, here’s a post from earlier this month about waves:


And another book review:


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