purpose, poise, and understanding

As you know if you read yesterday’s entry, I just finished reading a great book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus which is about a muslim’s conversion to Christianity. I highly recommend you read the book and post.


I had been doling out the final pages as I didn’t want it to end. When I got to the section called ‘A Wife’s Reflections’ I expected it to be longer and perhaps focused on Mr. Qureshi’s last days more. What I found was a few pages filled with profound wisdom which speaks for itself. Mrs. Qureshi certainly is filled with purpose, poise and understanding.

Below are some quotes of her profound words.

May they encourage you if you are going through a trial.

May they remind you God is in control and has a purpose planned just for you. Seek it out!

May you have greater understanding of what it means to sacrifice, but also what it means to step on knowing this side of heaven are many different seasons.

  • All we are asked is to be faithful through them all and Mrs. Qureshi proved that she is not only this but poised as she is filled with purpose and understanding.
  • “But while the cost of obedience to the Lord can be high, it will always result in fruitfulness.”*

    “… apart from Jesus, I really can’t do anything. But I also realize that I really can do all things through Christ who strengthens to me.”*

    “… at the end of the day, I can only rely on the Word of God. No message of intended inspiration or encouragement can ever compare to the hope and confidence provided by the one infallible Truth.”*

    “The spiritual realm is very real, and God’s perfect plan for our lives is full to the brim and overflowing with purpose. He’s all about far exceeding our expectations.”*

    Run to The One who can fulfill your dreams and expectations. The One who plants purpose in your heart. The One waiting to carry your burdens.

    Even in her saddest moments, Mrs. Qureshi reminded us that even in weakness God makes all things strong.

    *From A Wife’s Reflections by Michelle Qureshi pages 303-307 in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

    By the way, if you are still unsure about putting your faith in Jesus, do some investigating of your own. That is what Lee Strobel’s did after his own wife became a Christian. Pick up a copy of his quick read called A Case for Christ and discover how he turned from disproving God exists to believing in Christ as you read about the 13 interviews with Christian scholars. His purpose was to discredit and ‘prove’ God didn’t exist. Instead as the title suggests he ended up with more discovers on how the New Testament is historically reliable.

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