friendship day

Bill Sackter died peacefully in his sleep. He was the poster child who changed the image of institutionalized adults and brought an acceptance to handicapped people. I watched a documentary about his life and was flabbergasted on how inhumane people can be to each other.

Bill was discarded by his family at only 7 years old. A mean orderly threw him down the stairs but never let go of his hair and he went bald because of it. Yet, through it all, he kept faith in the Lord and desired to bring a smile to his fellow man.

We have a lot to learn from Bill and others like him who may not have as high an IQ as some but have a deeper love and compassion than most.

Be a Bill.

Spread the light.

“It’s good to have friends – friend indeed.” Bill Sackter

He would love to know it is friendship day today.

Be a friend to others like Bill was to all.

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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