the powder room

For for most men (and some women), it is a mystery – the powder room. What do they do in there and why do we call it such?*

Ladies go alone, with another friend, or a with a whole group. Perhaps more often than not the powder room represents a moment to collect your thoughts or to catch your breath with those who are closest to you rather than just using the bathroom or powdering the face.

We need to do this with our relationship with the Lord. Spend time powering up instead of powdering.

Just like the powder room, make an excuse for an escape and meet God in a prayer room or closet. Give your burdens to God and this will help you escape your problems, your stressors, and anxieties as you surrender them to the Lord.

“In this life, you will have trouble…” the Bible tells us in John 16.33, but we need to take heart because Christ has overcome the world. Take those troubles and give them to the Lord and you don’t even have to go to a powder room.

When you do, others will see you…

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*My guess is in days gone by it would not be polite for a lady to announce she needed to use the toilet. So to powder one’s nose or excuse oneself to go to the powder room became a euphemism for eliminating bodily fluids or solids.

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