when you don’t have anything to give – give away a smile

We were on sensory overload as we experienced Peru’s sights, sounds, and some smells we would rather not remember. We had some amazing and interesting experiences (holding a sloth, having a boa wrap around us, having a tarantula in the building we were doing the children’s program during the pastors’ conference, eating piranha, and the list could go on) but nothing can compare to the loving people we came to serve.

I just wish we had more to give but a smile is universal and reciprocal AND free.

When you don’t have anything to give – give away a smile. We can give that anywhere so I challenge you to smile at everyone you see today as we did on that mission trip. That truly is a way to…


“…I will forget my complaint, I will put off my sad face, and be of good cheer…”. Job 9.27

And by the way, if you have never been on a foreign mission trip; start saving up now to go on one some day. In the meantime, there are plenty of local options where you can serve at I am sure you can find. It helps us stay humble, be reminded we are to be our brother’s keeper, and God delights in us when we allow ourselves to be His hand of blessing extended.

Also, everyone should at least once a year reach out to others in need and at least once in a lifetime go on some kind of mission oriented trip.

It doesn’t even have to be far away or expensive to do, but it will keep you in check and help keep your perspective humble, loving, and kind. Now, go use your smile to brighten someone else’s day.

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