a stone’s throw

If you have the chance to see animals close up; do it. An amazing hawk was in the tree right in front of me just a stone’s throw away. We startled each other, but what a sight to see that wing span up so close.

I was in awe as I heard the thundering wings swoosh as it took flight landing on a pole just another stone’s throw away.

The phrase ‘a stone’s throw’ of course means what you think. Basically, a distance of how far you can throw a stone and has come to be known as any undefined short distance. Perhaps the phrase got popular from its appearance in scripture: “He withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed” Luke 22:41 NIV

I just love that! Don’t you?

The Lord removes Himself from the comfort of His disciples and goes a short distance away to have some private prayer time with the Father.

What a great example He left for us!

That hawk removed itself from my presence and I stood in awe of our Father’s creativity and bowed my head thanking Him for the opportunity to see such a creature up close and personal just a stone’s throw away.

Get in the habit of thanking God for what you see, who He is, and for creating the beautiful world around us.

Get in the habit of prayer.

Get in the habit of getting a stone’s throw away from others to have some up close and personal time with our Father.

It will fill you, prepare you, and help you…


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