remote controlled

God did not create us to be robots. He is not playing a game with us and maneuvering a joystick as a remote control car would be moved.

He desires we chase after Him out of our own free will. For if we were robots, then, what kind of worship, reverence, respect, or love could we give back to the Father?

When our children were young we told them they had two jobs and it simply was boiled down to this: honor and obey their parents. For if they could honor and obey us, in time, they could learn to honor and obey God even though they could not see Him physically.

We can get to know God and know that He is not some man in the sky willing that we should die or there just to push His iron thumb down on us to teach us a lesson.

No, God desires that we chase after Him and His purpose for our lives because He knows only that will fulfill the longing in our hearts to be needed, loved, and used. You see, we were created to work and when we don’t work; we are unsatisfied.

Find your purpose and work hard to fulfill it.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters Colossians 3.23

When you do, you will better portray what it means to…

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