eat the fake cake

We did an experiment when the kids were younger to try to understand what love language enticed them the most.

Earlier this year I did a series of posts on The 5 Love Languages based on the book by Gary Chapman. If you don’t remember or didn’t read them, I highly recommend checking out the entries in February. The links are below for your convenience.*

The 5 love languages are physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time. Typically, how you give love is how you crave to receive it.

We told each of the 3 kids to pick out any activity they wanted to do. 1 picked a movie because he wanted to sit next to me and have me rub his head. His love language of physical touch shined through. Our daughter prepared an elaborate picnic on the floor including everything made by her with pieces of paper taking paper plates to a whole new level as they were literally paper.

We were living in Europe at the time where closets are not typically built into rooms thus the need for wardrobes like from CS Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. (Tip: This is a great read a loud book or to use as a small group study.) Her room was pretty small after her bed and ‘closets’ (aka wardrobes) were added. But, here all 5 us were along with our friends that are a family of 7 sitting on the floor, on the bed, chairs, and spilling out into the hall. For she had prepared an elaborate picnic on the floor for us all including you guessed it fake cake as it was someone’s birthday. So what did we all do, we pretended to eat the fake cake.

And what did we learn, our daughter craves quality time.

Instead of being motivated by selfish ambition or vanity, each of you should, in humility, be moved to treat one another as more important than yourself.” Philippians 2.3

One last quick, fun story about another fake cake. It was graduation day and a cake had been ordered for the party. When the designed double decker cake was to be picked up, it was discovered the order had never been placed. The customers were told they could pick out any sheet cake in the case on display to substitute. A blue and white cake was brought home, but when they tried to cut into it, they found under the frosting was only Styrofoam!

It was a fake cake!

This cake was used as a model and wasn’t meant to be sold. In the end, that party had no cake for that graduation, but it will sure be a fun memory (least I hope so) for them!

It got me thinking. What are we doing to show our true colors and not have a fakeness about us? Are we being like that fake cake where the outside seems sweet but inside is fake?

Don’t do it! Be authentic, honest, humble, loving, kind, and any other God-honoring characteristics you can add to this list.

Then, you know what you will be right? You will…

*Follow the links below to learn more about the love languages:

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