looking for the tux

If you have a story to tell that could help us all grow in our faith, please send it my way and it will be considered to be featured.

Here is another guest entry. (Look back at this entry from the same guest – https://bethechurch.home.blog/2019/06/14/diamonds-are-a-girls-best-friend/)

“So my husband was going to be in a dunk tank for a fund raiser event for work company picnic.

He was trying to think of something fun to wear. Son suggested a onesie and I suggested floaties and googles with a snorkel set. We left some things out for him to choose from including an American flag speedo which we knew he would never choose but thought it was a funny option. In the end, he choose shorts and a tee shirt.

But then, I get a message: “Find my tux!”

How outlandish!

How fun!

And to us, how out of character!

I was fighting a head cold and looked in the closet thinking I found the tux but it was an old suit. Now I had the task of opening his freshly delivered shipment from the move as somewhere in those 13 boxes was the tux. I was not feeling up to opening them all.

So, I quickly surveyed the room and decided it must be in one of 4 longer flatter boxes. I dismissed one right away because of the extra labeling and that gave me a 33.3% chance of picking the right one.

I wanted to be ‘one and done’ so I prayed in my head: “Lord, show me which one to open.” And bingo box labeled clothes #3 was it.

I got scissors and carefully cut through the packing tape and there it was all bagged up ready for me to take to the event without much trouble or fuss to find it.

Do you believe God is in the even small minute details such as helping me find the old tuxedo? I do. Perhaps you have heard this before – there is no such thing as coincident but rather God incidents.

And I didn’t even notice the number before opening or it would have been my choice as seeing the number three reminds me of God’s presence in the trinity!

So look for God Stops* – those moments you can stop and see God is there directing and answering even the smallest and what might seem insignificant prayers. Our God is a God who desires to be in every detail of our lives. So thank Him for His presence that you detect in big or small ways.

And after all that, someone else wore a tux in the dunk tank so hubby did not and went back to his plain shirts and tee shirt. But I think God just wanted to remind me He can even find a needle in a haystack or in this case a tux in the midst of an overwhelming amount of boxes.”

Always give God the praise and look for Him in the details of your life. Then, go tell others about it.”


The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid….The Lord is with me; He is my helper.”

Excerpts from Psalms 118.6+7

*God Stop was used in Beth Moore studies – give credit where credit is due – thank you, Beth

© 2019 be.the.church aclearberry all rights reserved

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