airplane mode

We need airplane mode – we need to put the electronics aside and disconnect.

Airplane mode can help with this and not just when on an airplane!

Here’s a little motto: When needing to rest – airplane mode is best!

And here’s a tip (no charge): When low on battery, your device will charge faster in airplane mode.

And a good habit to follow: When teaching or using phone for music – airplane mode keeps you from being interrupted (do not disturb can work too but airplane mode guarantees no interruptions.)

The Lord set us an example in Genesis 2 of why we need to disconnect and rest as He rested too.

6 of the 7 days we can work and play and run ourselves ragged, but schedule in that rest time. Take time to be still. And if God set the day apart as Holy from the others, shouldn’t we set it apart too?

“Be holy as I am holy,” He said. So in order to be holy I say: we need to rest.

So, today praise God for airplane mode. Let’s go get some shut eye or have some be still time.

Lord, thank You for Your example of resting and reminder of how we need to rest. Help me find a time to be still and recognize my need for You as I am in awe and have such gratitude for Your love and care. You are so wise in knowing what we need. Help us to heed to Your ways which includes honoring the Sabbath as a day of rest. Amen!

When we do, others will see us…

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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