to us, waiting is wasting, to God, waiting is working

This is a Louie Giglio quote. Ever hear of him? To be honest, I did not until I saw this quote and looked him up.

He is the pastor of Passion City Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a public speaker, author, and the founder of the Passion Movement which is an annual conference for college aged students and attracts more than 50,000 each year.

Here’s some more noteworthy quotes of his:

“God calls each and every star by name. It’s not likely He has forgotten yours.”

“As Paul Hawken keenly observed, Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked what we would do if the stars only came out once every thousand years. No one would sleep that night, of course.… We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God. Instead, the stars come out every night and we watch television.”

“Be careful whom you fall in love with, because your better judgment can be overwhelmed by your emotions. You know when a situation isn’t God’s best, so don’t just drift along and tell yourself, “I can always fix the problems later.” Before you know it, emotion kicks in and there goes your judgment. All of a sudden, you are in a serious relationship with someone whom—if you thought about it honestly—you know you shouldn’t be with.”

“When you’re in the midst of a storm, it’s hard to remember that God is always good and glorious, and that God’s plans will always prevail, even when yours don’t.”

“Think of it this way instead: I got better and I have a story and I want to tell the world what Jesus has done in my life because I want Jesus to be glorified. God may use counselors, medications, doctors, and all that, but it’s Jesus who heals you.”

“Heaven will be full of the songs of worshipers who had once been broken people in a broken world, picked up and used for God’s glory.”

“Maybe your dream is to go to school or get a degree or accomplish a certain task or find a spouse or start a business or move to a certain place or create a movement or carry the gospel to people who’ve never heard it before. Those may be great dreams, but there’s a bigger dream that overrides everything else: it’s that your life counts for the glory of God. That’s the overriding dream of God’s heart. If we don’t embrace that dream, then we are in trouble, because all our smaller dreams are subject to change.”

“Simply by our proximity to Jesus, we can bring hope and life to people and places trapped in discouragement and despair.”

“God is not confined by what you can imagine.”

“What a way to walk through life: entering every environment with every intention to shine as little light as possible on me and as much light as possible on the Son of God.”

And the bottom line is this: “Jesus must increase and I must decrease.”

Yes, more of You, Lord, more of You. May I decrease in needs, wants, selfish desires so my life can reflect Your Son and bring You glory by all I do and say. Amen

In doing so, others will see me…

By the way, it is Mr. Guglio’s birthday today. After reading all his quotes, don’t you feel like you know him a bit. Well, I do. So, happy birthday, Louie, may you have many more this side of heaven to give us more things to chew on and contemplate.

Here’s a link to a post earlier this month if you missed it. It is on waiting too:

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