read them the riot act

We are to be our brothers’ keepers. That means at times we might need to read them the riot act. We are to help others grow in their faith and protect them when going down the wrong path.

By the way, the Riot Act was a declaration from the 1700s where it was said it was unlawful for 12 or more to gather. It authorized the local authorities to disperse such a group, but first they had to read them the riot act before they could enforce it. Now the phrase has come to mean to reprimand severely.

We all could use some reprimanding from time to time. God even disciplines us if need be.

Here’s the thing though, He always extends love and grace so should we.

Yes, there is times we need to read someone the riot act, but we can do that in love. Even tough love is still love, but even then it can be done with gentleness and kindness.

None of us are perfect, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3.23) but from time to time we could all use some discipline. Be open to it. Be willing to change. And don’t close your ears if someone is reading you the riot act. It just

might help you…

all the better so the world can truly become a better place by your actions or in some cases inaction as you become more self-disciplined. What in your life needs the riot act read about? Think about it then make a change for the better.

Go make our God proud!

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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