a summer without floaties

The idea of a pool seems to just fit the family now that the kids are older rather than actually desiring to swim in it. I am doubtful it was even used more than 10 days all last summer. It was the easiest summer maintaining ironically. I wonder what this summer will be.

But still, if you are going to swim, you need the floaties, right? Who doesn’t love lazy rivering around a pool. I sure do!

The problem is the floaties were never brought down from the storage space above the garage. I asked all the other men folk in the house to help me but that never happened. It was on one son’s list to do before returning to college. Nope didn’t happen. Another was traveling for work so it didn’t happen with him. And last was busy finishing his thesis as well as raising support for his upcoming assignment so no go there as well. And it is ok, they were all busy or preoccupied with other priorities; I will give them a pass. I was just frustrated as I couldn’t maneuver the leader to do it myself.

You see, something is under the crawl space window to reach the storage and I don’t trust myself opening up and extending the ladder to get there without knocking something over, hitting my head, or both.

I needed help.

Help I asked for that didn’t come.

Just a little help and a few minutes of time and summer fun could have been had by all maybe even resulting in more swim days.

But here’s the thing, how often do we think of God in those same terms – like when we pray, we might have asked for help that doesn’t come or desire help from someone stronger than ourselves and equate a not quick enough response as non-help.

He is there and He is stronger.

Yet, His timing may not be on our schedules or what we think it should be, but it doesn’t mean the help isn’t there for the asking.

Perhaps I could have been more persistent in the asking or looked to someone else for the help, but no worries fun could still be had.

I had 5 kids in the pool recently and we went old school with jumping contests, made up games, and a few balls that kept us in the pool for over 4 hours.

I know the floaties and extra towels and other toys are all there waiting to be used, but how often do we leave things that are more important tucked away like a dusty Bible waiting to be read. Now we know there is power and strength within the pages, but why do we leave the book on the shelf? How about taking some time to talk to God. We know He is there waiting, but we get so busy and don’t invite Him into our daily moments.

So, what’s the point? We can have a summer without floaties, even though I like you might wish they were around to use, but a summer without God will leave us tired, weak, and feeling alone.

So don’t go “floating” along in life without God intertwined in your days.

He will keep you afloat (pun intended) and keep you strong.

Don’t waiver in your faith.

Let others see it clearly as you…


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10.23

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” Ps 27.14

Look back at this post to see how our week should go: https://bethechurch.home.blog/2019/04/07/the-days-of-the-weak/

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