pennies from heaven*

My daughter-in-law loves donuts. She was having a bit of a down day. Now I am not promoting eating for comfort or suggesting you eat your sorrows away but every once in awhile a donut just hits the spot and helps you focus on the here and now. So I was determined to get her a special treat that day.

I was leaving church before her and my son. I also planned on stopping to get her (and us) some crispy chicken too (which she also loves) but like I said, I was leaving church which means it is a Sunday which means the best crispy chicken around to get would come from Chick-fil-a and it being the Lord’s day means…they are closed! Ahhhh!

Well, easy fix as she also loves Schwans chicken fries (and by the way, they have THE best ice cream in our opinion so see if a truck deliver is in your area – if not, I recommend you flag one down and try all their frozen treats). I decided I would go home to bake some of those but first a stop to get her a treat.

Back to donuts… she likes authentic donuts.

No offense but not the likes from chain donut shops or boxed in the grocery store and if truth be told and I had the time, I would have high tailed it up to Portland, Maine to go to the Holy Donut for delightful creations made from potato flour. Sweet potato flour donuts are particularly a yummy option. Try them if you ever get a chance.

I did a quick search to see what specialty donut shops could be found in our area and found a food truck was listed as one of the best.

Since it was literally down the street from where I was, I was off and so excited as apple cider donuts are a favorite of hers too.

I was delighted to see the truck parked outside the sports shoppe and even more delighted to smell the cinnamon and sugar in the air.

But, my excitement soon faded as their credit card reader was acting up so cash only was the option and I didn’t have any. The nice donut cooker behind the counter informed me an ATM was inside the store but I hadn’t brought my extended wallet and only had my license and a credit card on hand. I told her why I was there hoping she might have some sympathy and give me at least a donut hole to bring home but no.

So, I walked back to the car a little deflated and hoping to find at least enough coinage inside for one donut for her that I would gladly want to share but would tell her she didn’t have to today.

I was pretty sure there was no paper cash in the car and they would not accept a check. I was also pretty sure that the coin holder didn’t have much left after a recent raid for a parking meter.

And then, it happened!

As I walked back to the car, I saw a shiny nickel on the ground and thought that’s a start. I immediately recalled a local shop for their 50th anniversary that sold donuts at their original selling price of $.05 cents!

I smiled as normally one only sees pennies forgotten on the ground and was surprised I had found a whole nickel. Then I saw another coin…it was larger and a quarter and then I smiled knowing more coins would be found and before I even finished that thought there was another quarter and a dime and then a penny and another and another. And I thought, these coins truly are pennies from heaven.

I smiled knowing the coin holder in the car surely would have enough to add to those coins found splattered all over the parking lot ground.

Before I even got to the car to check though, I thanked God for sending me some pennies from heaven.

I did wonder however how they got there. Did someone leave them on their car? Was there an unknown hole in someone’s pocket? Why hadn’t others picked them up as they walked by? It made no sense as the parking lot was jam-packed and it wasn’t just pennies on the ground.

Again, I just smiled knowing they were left there for me as God knew I didn’t want to go home empty handed as I already told I would be bringing home a special treat. And I also thought I would have bought way more than we needed to eat if the credit card had been an option.

What’s the point? Every day I am certain we miss some of the little treasures God sends our way (pennies from heaven if you will) so keep an eye out. Some may say it was just coincidence I found those coins but I say there is no such thing as coincidence but rather God incidents!

Just one donut today to remind us that God is in the details and He was literally paying for that special treat for me to bring home to my sweet daughter in love as I like to say and call her.

Just one today to remind us He will provide just what we need – no more – no less.

Just one today that literally was paid for with those ‘pennies from heaven.’

So the next time you see a coin on the ground, pick it up. Think of this story and who knows maybe you will find enough to purchase a treat too. Then, I suggest you give it away and pay it forward for those pennies from heaven are not meant for you to keep.

*this was actually the first blog entry I wrote last year and the beginning inspiration of desiring to write a blog a day. Here I am almost half way through year one living out my theme word for the year – diligence.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might…”. Ecclesiastes 9.10

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