diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Today’s entry comes from a good friend who just happens to be a girl (woman) and who also has some good thoughts and perspectives on diamonds.

“I have always wanted a diamond tennis bracelet. No reason why just been something I thought at some point I would buy for myself or receive as a gift.

There’s a few other things I have wanted. I thought maybe when I published my first book, I would buy a lap top as I have always wanted that too but I need to publish the book first. Another thing is I have always wanted a tv in the bedroom. I even bought one one year for our anniversary but it never made it up on the wall so I gave it to a son in college.

Back to diamonds.

I am not a big present needer but do appreciate a good thought out present especially written words. My husband over the years has given me some great gifts for random birthdays or Christmas or anniversaries – not ever year and not even necessarily for big events (for example nothing given for our 25th or my 50th birthday) but the gifts he choses are beautiful. The thing is I don’t always receive them graciously (but that is a story for another day).

However, rarely are the gifts something I would have picked out for myself but always a joy to wear knowing it was something he thought I would like or look good in. I have made it a habit to remember to wear something he gave me on date nights. Not sure he ever notices but I am reminded of days gone by and special moments he created by gift giving.

Gifts can be an outward expression of inward feelings. The engagement ring is best example of outwardly saying ‘I love you, desire you to be my wife, and this is a token to remind you of that love and commitment.’

So where did the diamond craze come from? I am convinced it was a western marketing ploy. But, somehow women have been duped into thinking diamonds and more diamonds will produce happiness. Not so!

I have a friend who saved Christmas gift money for a decade and purchased a beautiful band filled with diamonds all around. It reminded me of my desire of wanting that tennis bracelet, but I have decided that cubic zirconia or swavorski crystals would be less stress and way less expensive so maybe one day that is just what I will get.

But regardless, diamonds are not to be friends or sought after more than desiring to be a jewel in the Lord’s crown.

Where your treasure is there your heart will also be.” Matthew 6.21

We are diamonds in the rough.

Allow God to refine you in such a way that in all you do, you beam with radiance more brilliant than a diamond so the world can see whose you are and where you are going.

I hope you see that people are the diamonds to seek after. So, go find some sisters to do life with and remind each other whose you are and where you are going because after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Pick the diamonds you want to keep …the ones Marilyn Monroe sings about…

or how God is making diamonds out of us.”

If you want to learn more about what diamonds can teach us, check out this:

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