devoted, watchful, thankful *

What does it mean to be devoted, watchful, and thankful?

Let’s look at each of these words individually and enrich our lives so we can be better prayer warriors.

DEVOTED: zealous, loyal, dedicated, faithful, ardent, fervent

WATCHFUL: alert, vigilant, observant, wakeful, attentive, wide-eyed, all ears

THANKFUL: grateful, appreciative, contented, pleased, overwhelmed, relieved, indebted

Now pick one word from each definition or focus on original words and live them out especially as you pray being devoted, watchful, and thankful. Please tell us what word/s spoke to you in the comments below.

FYI: Ramadan is officially over. Were you faithfully praying for your Muslim friends, co-workers, neighbors? Don’t stop just because their holy month has ended. Keep praying till the whole world hears of Jesus. To know Jesus and to make Him know is our mission this side of heaven. Do it and you will thrive.

What will you do different today so others will see you…

For more insight on how to pray for Muslims or about Ramadan, check out this post:

By the way, it is the 7th of the month. 7 in the Bible often represents completion. Is there something in your life needing attention to complete? Go be devoted and get ‘er done. Then, tell us about it so we can celebrate with you. That is another way to…

*definitions from

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