empty nest is comin’…

Have you ever watched baby birds leave the nest not to return? I wonder do those mama birds know it is happening that day. It reminds me of Noah when he sent out the dove and it didn’t return, he then knew the waters receded (Genesis 8.12). Our ‘waters’ as parents must recede. We have trained and taught and fought the battle of raising kids in righteousness. Now we must get out of the way so those babies can fly into their future. Then we must remember, those babies were given to us as a gift for a season that is why it is called the gift of life. God choose us to parent and train, but the time comes to cut the apron strings.

I wrote another post entitled just that – take a look: https://bethechurch.home.blog/2019/05/09/time-to-cut-more-apron-strings/

Remember, mom or dad, in the future, any time you can have with those grown kids of yours is worth any aggravation or inconvenience that might come. Learn to just love and accept them as they are and remember, your work ‘parenting’ is done. Now enjoy coasting as consultants only engaging with advice when asked for it. That’s an order!

And kids, be understanding of the growing pains your folks now are dealing with as they try to grasp the idea of being empty nesters. If unsolicited advice comes, remember this: advice is to be given but not necessarily taken. However, you should at least consider it. Those older than you do have a wealth of experience that might just keep you from failing. It has been said that a wise person learns from their mistakes. But, a wiser person learns from others mistakes and doesn’t make the same ones themsleves.

For everyone in general, just be kind. Try to understand the feelings others in relationship to you are going through. A good practice for any relationship you have – at work, home, school, neighborhood, etc.

Always think of others more highly than yourself (Philippians 2.3).



to one another.

Kindly, humbly, and loving each other along the way. Always apply the ‘golden’ rule and you will be fine – empty nester or not!

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7.12

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