weddings and funerals

You know the old saying: “We never get together except for weddings and funerals.”

Funerals should not be family reunions. Likewise, weddings shouldn’t resemble funerals. But, sadly they often do.

We hear people chatting saying: “I haven’t seen you since so and so’s wedding.” or, “The last time I saw you was at so and so’s funeral.”

They are complete bipolar opposites yet, we do similar things for both occasions: dress up, sign guestbooks, bring cards, eat at a reception, a pastor officiates or organizes the service, announcements are in the paper or online, there are flowers, cakes, and of course all the relatives you know and some you just see on these occasions will be there.

I often say that funerals are for the living not the dead, and this is true. Weddings are a celebration of life and yet funerals can be too. Both are celebrating life, but I think we can all agree we would rather see the white flowers at a wedding then a funeral.

So why is that when the passing of a loved one happens, we then make the time for relatives. Of course, this is not always the case but seems to be more often then not.

I recently went to a funeral where relatives were ‘busy’ so they didn’t come. Some choose work or other commitments instead of coming to the funeral services. To be honest, I was disappointed and slightly perturbed. Then, I thought of the wedding feast parable Jesus shared where the invited guests didn’t come.

Can you imagine the sadness in the host?

Check out Luke 14.15-24 or Matthew 21.1-14 for the whole parable. Then please share what your favorite is part and what you believe Christ was trying to say.

Don’t be one who is replaced but rather take your seat at the table God has prepared for you. The time is coming. Are you ready to meet your Maker?

A funeral here means a wedding banquet is waiting there.

Be a part of the ‘feast’ and help others find their seat at the table too.

not just at weddings and funerals, but love on others each and everyday. By the way, I was at a wedding and a funeral this week. Like I said, I would pick the wedding over a funeral, but both make way for ministering and perhaps at a funeral we can be a better light and encouragement to those who have no hope. So step up and be just that whatever event you attend.

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