revenge of the sixth

Revenge of the sixth is a play on words for Revenge of the Sith which is the sixth movie in George Lucas’ Star Wars series. So, I guess it is a good day to celebrate this if you can call it such. Look back to this post to see the connection to the month of May:

This day is also international no diet day, nurses’ day, and tourist appreciation day. I was going to try and come up with a clever way to connect them all but my mind is stuck. Help me out and write your idea to string these together creatively in the comments.

My attempt is that the revenge of the sixth can because it is a revenge of not having a diet so you might need a nurse then when feeling better you can celebrate somewhere by being a tourist. How did I do?

Like I said revenge of the sixth is a Star Wars thing. Get it now? To be honest, I really don’t. My family owns all the movies, is counting down the days till the last one comes out, and just loves Star Wars. Me not so much and that is totally fine. We can have different interests or likes yet, still show respect. So don’t be vengeful.

For remember that God said: “Vengeance is mine,” (Romans 12.9) so no need to worry if someone offends or wrongs you. Don’t get all ‘Sith’ like but rather rely on God to fight your battles.

When feeling “Surrounded” look to The One who surrounds us with His love, mercy, and grace. In doing so, you will shine bright not being afraid of the ‘Sith’ aka evils of this present darkness (Ephesians 6.12) and then others will see you…

By the way, today marks the first full day of Ramadan*. The Sith represent the dark lords which are the main antagonists in Star Wars. Isn’t that what Lucifer is to the earth? And any religion taking eyes off Christ truly represents ‘dark lords.’

So today, if you don’t have time or desire to listen to the music video or look back on the post link above, in yesterday’s May 5 post:

we were reminded what we need to do is pray and how prayer changes things. So today pray for any ‘Sith’ encounter you may deal with this side of heaven.

Pray for those who have yet to hear the truth and have been deceived by the dark lord himself with the man made religions like Islam. Pray you can be a bold witness for Christ the King of kings and Lord of lords who is the finisher and perfector of our faith (Hebrews 12.2).

*Ramadan is a religious month of fasting from food and drink during daylight hours accompanied by intense prayer. The days close with gathering together for feasts at night to break the fast. It is the most important month for Muslims.

Pray for Jesus encounters. Even in countries that are 98/99% Muslim where there might not be a Christian witness, God provides one as Jesus is revealing Himself as The Man in white in dreams. Be ready to share who He is if a Muslim friend ever asks. I know many stories of conversions that began with a dream. Every day this month please join me in praying for more Jesus encounters and that you can be used to help others solidify their faith in Christ. Amen.

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