what will you do with the 242

That’s how many days are left with this year.

I have been busy counseling, consoling, mourning, and encouraging others in their faith walk this week as another client senselessly died of an overdose.

He had been doing so well. He had completely turned his life around, and had done a 180.

Then, after many, many months sober, he dies.



Devastating .


Angry and sad all at the same time.

These were the feelings many processed this week me included and will continue to in the days ahead.

Yet, God cares for us all and all our feelings.

Perhaps a few bad days led to one bad decision to use which cost him the ultimate sacrifice of his life.

I wish I could have helped him that last day he was here on earth.

So, again I ask what will you do with the 242?

  • Learn to number your days.
  • Use your time wisely as it truly is our greatest commodity.
  • Counsel others if need be.
  • Console and mourn.

But, above all else, encourage others in their faith walk as that is the only thing we can take with us to heaven – others’ souls who join the fold.

Find your purpose.

Live it out loudly.

And, help others come to the knowledge of needing a relationship with Christ as Savior.

Then you will…


If you are struggling with addiction, please seek help. We were made for community and God desires none should perish without knowing Him so get yourself into a faith based recovery program and start walking in sobriety today.

If you are a family member of someone needing help, don’t enable their habits; get them help. Call adult and teen challenge or see what faith based program is in your local area.

Addiction is no joke and people are dying out there so take any cry for help serious.

Also, don’t ever feel you can’t ask for help; there is always someone willing to listen. Me for starters. Been helping those in their recovery walk for close to 3 decades and am willing to listen to your story, pray with you, and help you win what can be the daily battle of sobriety. Take it one day at a time.

The song “One day at a time sweet Jesus” sums up our walk this side of heaven regardless if you are steeped in addiction or just plain sin. May we day to day live out what God has called us to do fulfilling our mission one day at a time.

© 2019 be.the.church aclearberry all rights reserved

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