may today be..

May today be…

a good one.

May you be kind and sweet talking positive and pleasant.

May you be patient and loving giving grace and mercy.

May you shine bright and be an example that others can clearly see and understand what a Christ follower is/does.

May you be so full of Jesus and rooted in the Word that there is no mistaking who you belong to and whose you are.

May you be a picture of spring with joy in your heart and a skip in your walk.

Happy day to you – happy May Day.

May Day brings fun memories to mind. How about for you?

I am not quite sure how the tradition started (assuming something pagan), but my mom had us kids pick flowers from the cow fields, ring neighbors’ doorbells; then drop them usually in green cardboard strawberry containers and run.

I remember being so excited to do this sneaky venture that I could not sleep the night before. My kids carried the tradition on, but usually with bought flowers in glass vases or baskets. Sadly, I do believe this sweet custom is fading.

But, Happy May Day anyway!

Traditionally, May Day would be as one would think the first day of May, but now it is observed the first Monday in May as an official holiday for many countries. There could be spring time festivals on this day (obviously solely in the northern hemisphere where it is spring’s beginnings) or it is an international day honoring workers (aka the labor force) as what Labor Day in the United States observes.

Whatever you do today, may it be a good one.

But more importantly, may you be shining so bright for our Lord today that others will truly see you…

and want to become apart of the family of Christ.

May today be that kind of day for you.

Whatever you find to do, do it with all your might. (Ecclesiastes 9.10 paraphrase)

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