throwing away the cactus

It had been over four years and long past it’s time needing to be repotted. I had gotten small grow your own plant kits after the passing of my dad and gave them to all the nieces and nephews. I also grew some plants with clients and planted three seeds myself. Two cacti grew with one surviving these many years later. Then a period of three plus weeks of on and off traveling and the poor plant shriveled up and died. I had already killed the lilies and greens I had kept for several years after his passing. This plant was the last stitch of life tied to that dark time. I actually felt a little guilt as I threw the plant away almost like I had failed my father some how. I was sad as that plant had made me smile so often thinking of the good times with him. But the death of that plant reminded me of his slow death that ended similarly to how the cactus dehydrated, shriveled, and with no life left to give, died. But, the story doesn’t end there. There is hope in knowing death for the Christian is not the end. We will see our loved ones again.

And that is what this blessed season brings – hope! Just last week, we celebrated Resurrection Sunday.

The fact that Jesus died is glorious knowing He became the sinless sacrifice atoning for us. But, of course, the story doesn’t end there; it is just the beginning. His death birthed life for us eternally when He came out of that grave.

So don’t worry too much about things passing away here on earth, if you know Jesus as Lord, you will join Him in heaven with all the saints that have gone before.

What a glorious hope!

Thank You, Jesus

Spread the hope and…

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