easter monday

Yes, it is a thing.

Many countries around the world have the Monday following Easter Sunday as a holiday.

It is nice to have a day off after a busy season. Our church does a huge pageantry production leading up to Easter with multiple services on Easter weekend. So to have a day off to recoup and rest would be a nice luxury.

But, today I instead want to focus on what was going on that Easter Monday long ago.

Was it the day Jesus’ had an encounter on the road to Emmaus? (Luke 24.13+)

It was three days since the crucifixion.

Were most of His followers still mourning or had the word spread far and wide that He had risen just as He said?

Jesus appeared to more than 500 in the 40 days after His resurrection before His ascension.

It got me thinking, has He appeared to you?

Maybe not in a physical sense, but have you had an encounter with the Risen Saviour?

It is something we should strive for daily and not just during holiday seasons.

Let this day ‘Easter Monday‘ remind you of the importance of making an appointment with Christ each and every day.

Put a reminder in your phone or on your calendar if need be to pause, pray, and connect with the One True Living Saviour!

Others will see you…


when you do.

This video is well worth the 12 minutes to bask in God’s presence as you listen to this song Forever by Kari Jobe as we do serve a risen Saviour in Christ our Lord.

Happy Easter Monday!

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